Town Hall Use Policy And Rules

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The Seneca Township Town Hall is generally available for use by Seneca Township residents representing “Not for-Profit Organizations, and to a limited extent, private and/or “for profit groups. The Seneca Township Supervisor, or designated assignee, shall administer the use of said facilities.

The following rules and regulations are established in order to define and assure the safety, availability, and responsibilities of those using the facilities:

1.] Use of the Seneca Township Town Hall is a privilege, not a right. Continued use of the facility by any person or group depends upon strict compliance with the rules and regulations as adopted by the Seneca Township Board of Trustees, and as administered by the Seneca Township Supervisor.

2.] Any not-for-profit organization from within Seneca Township will generally be allowed use of the facility without charge subject to compliance with the usage rules and reasonable availability thereof. At least [30] days advance notice must be provided in order to facilitate scheduling.

3.] Any private and/or for profit organization within Seneca Township wishing use of the facilities will be considered subject to the same rules and availability as not-for-profit organizations, except that a $25.00 charge will be assessed for each time the facility is used.

4.] Any organization wishing use of the facility from outside Seneca Township shall be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Seneca Township Board of Trustees. Negotiated usage charges may apply.

5.] The Township Hall and parking facilities may be reserved for up to six hours duration as scheduling permits, but under no circumstances shall the facility remain open beyond 10:00 P.M., nor earlier than 8:00 A.M.

6.] One individual must be designated as the official point of contact or agent representing each organization or group. That person shall assume full responsibility and accountability for the use of the facility including, but not limited to:
* Hall clean-up [including tables, floors, and refuse disposal]

* Kitchen and restroom clean-up

* Turning off lights and closing windows

*Restoring furniture arrangement

* Breakage and replacement

* Final security check and lock-up [Designated individual must be the last person to leave the premises.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules could result in future loss of use.

1.] All smoking and smokeless tobacco products shall be confined to the outdoors.

2.] No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall be allowed on Township premises.

3.] All organizations [not-for-profit, profit, and private] including their individual members, sponsors, guests, relatives, friends, etc. shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless Seneca Township and its officials from any injury or damage claims resulting from or attributed to the said organization’s use of the premises.

4.] All official Seneca Township business requiring the use of the town hall shall take precedence over any other organization’s needs including, but not limited to, emergency meetings, elections, etc. However, every reasonable attempt will be made to prevent such conflicts from occurring.

5.] This policy is subject to periodic review and change by the Seneca Township Board of Trustees.

I, [print name] ________________________________________________________

Do hereby certify that I am the authorized official or agent representing

[print full organization name]_______________________________________________

Our organization is a : not-for-profit____ profit ______or private ______group consisting of approximately ______members, and is located within______, or outside ______the corporate boundaries of Seneca Township.

Additionally, I attest that I have thoroughly read the Seneca Township Town Hall “Use Policy and Rules and agree to comply with them in exchange for the privilege of using the Seneca Township Hall.

Furthermore, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Seneca Township and its Officials from any injury, damage, or claims resulting from or attributed to the said organizations or individuals use of the premises.

________________________________ ______________

Signature of Organizations Agent Date

_______________________________ _______________

Signature of Township Supervisor Date

________________________________ _______________

Signature of Township Clerk Date

Full mailing address and telephone number of organizations agent:

Address: ______________________________________________

City and Zip Code: _______________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________