Profile of Seneca Township

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Area, Housing and Population

Seneca Township encompasses approximately 36 square miles or 23,040 acres. Based on the 2010 county land use projections, of this acreage number approximately 1.335 acres will be residential, 10 acres of land will be used for light industry, 190 acres will be incorporated in municipalities. Based upon the county projections over 91 percent of Seneca Township is anticipated to remain in agricultural use.

From 1990 to 1998, approximately 169 building permits (primarily for residential construction) were issued by McHenry County. In 1990 the census counted 729 housing units in Seneca Township. It is estimated that in 1998 approximately 898 housing units were located in the township representing an increase of 23%.

In the 1980 census the population for Seneca Township totaled 2,065 persons. In the 1990 census the township population equaled 2,229 persons. The change from 1980 to 1990 equaled 164 persons for a 7.9 percent population change. The Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission projected the Township’s 1998 population at 2,742 persons. The projected population increase represented additional 513 persons for a 23 percent increase in total population. The Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission projects the Township’s population to increase to 3,3361 persons by 2020 for a total change from 1990 of 1,132 persons or 50 percent. Given the land use goals stated previously it is anticipated that the majority of the increased population and housing units will be located within existing municipalities, in existing subdivsions from infill activity or adjacent to existing residential developments.

Seneca Township is bordered on the East by Sunnyside Road then along a line North to Hartland Township and South to Coral Township; on the North by a line approximately 3/4 of a mile north of Kishwaukee Valley Road; on the West by Deerpass Road from Route 176 North to Hartland Township then South approximately one mile south of Route 176 through the City of Marengo to Coral Township; and on the South by Highbridge and O’Cock Roads along a line East to Dorr Township and West to Marengo Township.

Within Seneca Township are portions of the City of Marengo and the City of Woodstock. Illinois State Route 176 is the major east-west route through the Township, with Kishwaukee Valley road serving as a secondary east-west route. There is no uninterrupted north-south route in the Township, although Franklinville Road runs from Route 176 to Kishwaukee Valley Road.

Continuing development in Marengo and Woodstock will serve to increase traffic along Route 176, Kishwaukee Valley Road and Franklinville Road. An uninterrupted north-south road through the township needs to be considered.