Plan Categories

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The following listing of land use categories have been used to develop the Seneca Township Land Use Plan. The Township Land Use Plan recognizes the land planning done by the incorporated areas of Marengo, Union and Woodstock for non-agricultural land uses located within the 1 and 1/2 mile jurisdictional planning area of each municipality.

  • MR = Municipal Residential
  • MC = Municipal Commercial
  • MI = Municipal Industrial
    • Definition: The MR, MC, and MI land use categories represent non-agricultural land uses contained in adopted municipal plans and located within the municipality’s one and one-half mile jurisdictional planning area. These land use categories reflect land uses once a property is annexed to said municipality. Until a property is annexed to the adjacent municipality the zoning of said property and associated land uses are anticipated to remain unchanged.
  • A = Agriculture
    • Definition: Large contiguous areas of farmland composed predominately of prime agricultural soil types.
  • AR = Agriculture Rural
    • Definition: Agricultural land, agricultural activities, rural residences and privately owned natural areas. The practice of agriculture remains the primary land use in AR with parcel sizes of 5.1 to 20 acres per residence.
  • HDR = High Density Residential (less than 1 acres per dwelling unit)
  • MDR = Medium Density Residential (1 to 2.9 acres per dwelling unit)
  • LDR = Low Density Residential (3 to 5 acres per dwelling unit)
  • C = Commercial
  • I = Industrial
  • ESA = Environmentally Sensitive Areas
    • Definition: Groundwater recharge areas, flood hazard areas, wetlands, natural areas, unique geologic features, soils rated severe or very severe for septic systems, public owned parks and conservation areas including proposed parks or conservation areas.